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The unbreakable football records in the world

Football is a sport that uses a variety of flexible actions in a row and tactics to win. In football matches, soccer players will also create unbelievable records. It is often said that records are born to be broken but some of the football records below will be very difficult for anyone to break. I will introduce to you some of the records in football that will certainly be hard to break.

Scored at the farthest distance

On November 3, 2013, just 12 seconds after the Stoke City – Southampton match began, goalkeeper Asmir Begovic scored a rare goal for Britannia. A long shot from the penalty area, the ball went into the wind and flew into the net against Southampton when the visiting goalkeeper Artur Boruc rose too high to be able to retreat.

Goalkeeper Asmir Begovic scored a rare goal for Britannia/Ph.90min

The distance from the kick of Begovic to the destination is measured about 91.9 m. The custodian helped Stoke City score against Southampton after a home kick in the Premier League match in 2013. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes it as the best long-range goal. Download VN88 to watch this record again and play online football betting on mobile devices.

Header score the first goal with the longest distance

A new world record of soccer was set in the match between Fagiano Okayama and Yokohama FC in Japan’s Second Division. Header scored from the longest distance ever.

The only goal of the match came in the 69th minute after Fagiano defender Ryujiro Ueda headed the goal from the home side at 58.6 meters after goal kick from goalkeeper Kentaro Seki on Yokohama. This goal was recorded as a header into the table at the farthest distance in history. The previous record belonged to Samuelsen of Odd Grenland (Norway) with a header from 57.3 meters.

Football match with the most red cards

This record belongs to a match played in the young soccer tournament of Paraguay organized. And there were 36 red cards drawn in this match.

 Referee Guillen drew a red card with a total of 36 members/Ph.Howtheyplay

When the match between Teniente Farina and Libertad took place in October 2012, when there were only 5 minutes left to finish, referee Nestor Guillen drew 2 red cards to chase the players of each team. This is also the time when the chaos happened when the two refused to leave the field and began to fight.

In just a few moments, the players became out of control and the football field became a stage with a series of kung-fu from the players on the bench of the two teams. Even the members of the coaching staff instead of trying to interfere with the players also jumped into the fight.

After the incident, referee Guillen went to the locker room of the two teams and drew a red card with a total of 36 members, including the members of the coaching staff of two teams, to receive a red card from the referee fortune.

The longest penalty shootout in football history

Two teams in the fifth division of the Czech Republic in May 2016 set a world record for the longest penalty shootout in history.

A match in football in the Czech Republic had to go through 52 penalties to determine the winner, thereby breaking the record to become the longest penalty series in the history of the world.

After 90 minutes, the two teams in the 5th division, SK Batov 1903 and FC Frystak, drew 3-3. Frystak had a chance to win when the penalty was: 4-4, 11-11 and 14-14 but could not take advantage of the success. In the end, midfielder Jan Hrebacka broke the deciding kick and sent the ball over the bar. After 52 shots, the match ended with 22-21 in favor of Batov.

The fastest goal scored in World Cup history

In the history of more than 80 years of the World Cup, the 11-second goal of Hakan is still a record that no striker has ever broken. This was the opening goal in the third match of the 2002 World Cup between Turkey and South Korea and the final number of the match was 3-2 in favor of Turkey.

Hakan Sukur’s lightning-like goal: Under pressure from Ilhan Mansiz, defender Hong Myung-bo lost the ball. Immediately Ilhan Mansiz passed the ball to Hakan Sukur to get a finish for his life. This is also the goal that broke Vaclav Masek’s 40-year-old survival record.

The fastest football hat-trick in the world

In 1964, Ross County player Tommy Ross scored three consecutive goals against Nairn County in just 90 seconds. This record has not been broken in 56 years.

This record has not been broken in 56 years/Ph.BBC

90 seconds is the time Tommy Ross needs to make the fastest hat trick in the history of world football. In this match, Ross scored 7 goals when he was only 18 years old. This impressive achievement was recorded and included in the Guinness Book of Records in 2004.

The fastest football red card in the world

It can be said that the issuance of the referee’s red cards will certainly take time. But the record for getting a red card in the fastest football match in the world was 0 seconds, when the player was not yet in time to play.

That is the case of striker Walter Boyd worth mentioning, not having played a single second on the field but the striker received a red card, which is because the match between Swansea and Darlington happened. Big and Boyd is the “enthusiastic” player involved in this scuffle, he was disqualified when playing only on the bench.

The goalkeeper scored the most goals in the world

Surely you think the goalkeeper in a football match is to catch the ball from the goal. But this is not the case with some goalkeepers who may have more goals scored than their other strikers in the team.

With a successful free-kick against Bahia in October 2014, goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni raised the number of goals he scored in his career to 123, a desirable statistic for even the strikers. Among Sao Paulo’s goals, 60 goals came from free-kicks outside the penalty area, the rest were successful penalty situations. Perhaps, the record of the goal of goalkeeper Ceni will be very long before it can be broken.

Although there are extremely difficult situations to imagine, these are records that will probably take a long time to be broken. Football always brings us joy and interesting things. Above are some records in football that are difficult to break. Find more about football information at WW88 and learn how to win in sport betting. How do you feel about it?

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