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How Close are Arsenal to Being a Top Four Regular Again?

Arsenal have performed turbulently for a few seasons now, going from being top-four regulars to top-four hopefuls. In fact, they’re more likely to be regarded as a top-six contender these days, as opposed to anything higher. But how close are they to getting back in the top four on a regular basis, and mixing it with the best from Europe in the Champions League?

The latest Premier League odds from Betfair have Manchester City at just 2/13 to win the Premier League, as of January 24th. Behind them, Liverpool are staked at odds of 36/5, and everyone else is priced up as though they are out of contention. That includes Arsenal, however, what it shows is that two of the four places inside the top four are still certainly still viable options, should Arsenal propel themselves to dizzying heights.

Arsenal will feature heavily in the Premier League tips this weekend and other weekends moving forward, due to their strong league position, but will that be enough to finally break into that elusive top-four net, or will they just fall short again?

Arsenal are one of a few clubs that are expected to pick up three points from certain games, especially when they are playing at home. Undoubtedly, they are going to need to secure those points if they want to go from top-six contenders to top-four contenders during this campaign.

What Does Arsenal Need to Become Top Four Regulars?

Perhaps the biggest need for Arsenal is to gain some further quality depth in their squad. They have a starting eleven that can compete, with key players in the right positions, but behind those, when injuries, suspensions, or just fatigue occurs, the team struggles to keep up.

As we get into the busy part of the season, Arsenal doesn’t quite have the ability to make a few changes and still win games, as their recent 1-1 draw with Burnley highlights. The team are in a busy period, and you have to wonder how their results would look if they had two or three more dependable squad members to keep everyone a little fresher.

Will Arsenal Finish in the Top Four This Season?

The top four will be a battle this season, with many capable teams scrapping for the security. Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, West Ham and possibly even Wolves, are all involved in the race for the top four.

With the threat of no European football for those who don’t sail into the top six, there’s everything to fight for and Arsenal will be thirsty for success, especially considering their recent years and deterioration in form. Lest we forget that just last season, Arsenal themselves failed to qualify for Europe completely, and won’t want to see the same outcome again this season.

The top four is a possibility for them, though the top six is more likely, and the rest of the season is going to be fascinating to watch.

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