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List of Summer 2013 Premier League Transfers By Team

With the Summer Transfer window open the Premier League teams have been busy working on making moves. Check out the list of each team’s transfer moves which will be updated throughout the summer. The list will include only transfers into each club and does not include players leaving the clubs.

List of UEFA Champions League Winners

In 1992 the format for the European Cup was changed and became the UEFA Champions League. Here is a list of all of the winners of the Champions League.

Top 5 Largest Premier League Stadiums

Which Premier League team has the largest stadium? Here is a list of the top 5 largest capacity stadiums in the EPL.

Which teams have won the English Premier League?

In the 20 seasons of the English Premier League Manchester United has won the title 12 times. Here is a list of all 20 seasons to date with the top 4 finishers for each season. This includes the 5 winners of the EPL title.

How many teams have played in the Premier League?

Since the start of the English Premier League 20 years ago there have been 44 teams that have played in the league. Here is a comprehensive list of all 44 teams that have played in the EPL.

Which English Premier League club has the highest attendance?

Top 3 Premier League attendances for the 2011/12 season. Also includes the top 3 highest attendances for the 2011/12 EPL season.

How many teams have won the English Premier League?

The Premier League has been around for 20 years and has had 5 teams win. See which 5 teams have won the EPL title.

What is the penalty for diving in English Premier League soccer?

Diving in the Premier League has become a major issue recently with several players being accused of diving. Diving in soccer is not something new, but has been going on for decades.

Who has scored the most goals in the English Premier League?

The top 10 goal scorers in the Premier League include 4 Manchester United players and 3 Newcastle United players.

When Are the Transfer Windows Open For the English Premier League?

When are the transfer windows open for the English Premier League? There are 2 transfer windows in the Premier League. One during the summer following the end of the seaon and one in January.

Which English Premier League teams have American owners?

List of the English Premier League teams with American owners. Includes Manchester United, Aston Villa, Liverpool, Fulham, Sunderland, and Arsenal.

How Much are Fines for Getting a Red Card in the English Premier League?

How much are fines for getting a red card in the English Premier League? Players in the Premier League receive a fine of £10 per...

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