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Waking Up For The Match

Like with most Premier League fixtures, American viewers were forced to wake up extremely early in order to watch the match. This task was extremely difficult. If you’re willing to make some sacrifices to your sleep schedule.There are some tools you needed to utilize in order to successfully wake up on time. Everyone is familiar with coffee and or an alarm clock and if those tools worked for you then by all means use them. The following list is for fans that were willing to do what ever it takes to wake up in time for the match. The following options would’ve effectively woken you up in time for the first match of the Premier League season.

Watch a horror movie marathon.

Scary movies are designed to make you paranoid. You should’ve watched as many as you could last night. If would’ve been ideal to watch the films alone, in a room with no lighting. The combination of isolation and lack of light. Would’ve created a strong sense of paranoia. It would’ve been so strong that you wouldn’t, have been able to sleep. You might have encountered problems staying asleep. If you lacked access to movies,Netflix  had horror films available.

Sleep with your bedroom window open.

Exposing your ears to early morning noises was an excellent way to wake up early. Various potential noises would’ve drifted into your bedroom. Some worse than others. This of course excludes the horroundes noises. All three categories of noises normally interfere with sleep. Birds are often the main culprits. Who doesn’t love their loud rhythmic songs? If annoying animals weren’t your style. You could’ve always woken up to the sound of your neighbor’s car. After all, the sound of a car turning on is extremely relaxing. Louder cars tend to be more relaxing than quieter ones. The best outdoor noise to wake up to in the early morning; is the sound of lawn equipment. However the equipment had to be extremely loud. If it wasn’t loud and extremely annoying. The method for waking up early in the morning, wouldn’t have worked properly.

Find someone to wake you up.

Most none hotel guests can’t call a service designed to wake them up. There is still the possibility of finding someone to help you get up, ideally a family member or friend to call or text you before the match. A half hour or an hour before would be the most ideal times. If you lacked access to these resources sharing your number with someone trusted on social media would have  done the trick. At least one person. Would have been able to meet your needs.

Sleep in the TV room

if you were in the same area as the televised match. It would’ve been extremely difficult to miss the event. To guarantee that nothing regretful happened you should’ve slept right next to the television remote. Locating yourself near the source of power would have increased your odds of watching the match. With the odds that much in your favor you didn’t have an excuse to miss the match.


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